Shed Less PackageShed less Special*

Normally $35.00
July Special $25
Schedule a Shed Less Package with any bath.

Pets naturally lose old/damaged hair by shedding.  Shedding is a normal process, the amount and frequency of hair that is shed depends upon the health and breed of your pet.  It also depends on the season - Many pets develop thick coats in the winter that are then shed in the spring/summer.

This package will help hydrate your pet's skin.  Brittle and dry hair tends to fal pout in the form of shedding.  Initially you will notice a lot of shedding  as a result of the treatment, that is the dead hair falling off.  This treamtnet is not a one time solution and must be repeated regularly to get the best results. 

Nothing will stop shedding completely, but this treatment with regular combing and brushing will help reduce the amount of Shedding you notice.

*must schedule a full bath the  same day as the Shed Less Package
Valid for August 2019 only
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