Contrary to popular belief, the signs of old age aren't always the signs of old age. They could be the signs of a medical condition known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS). Researchers believe that CDS is caused by physical and chemical changes that affect the brain function in older dogs.

We understand the importance of your pets as part of your family. We also appreciate how difficult it is to watch your pet grow old. Many older dogs will show varying degrees of confusion or various other behavioral changes that may not be a normal part of aging but may actually be signs of CDS.

The symptoms of CDS may be subtle or obvious and too often are blamed on aging or on other medical problems such as kidney disease, arthritis, and diabetes. You will be the first to notice the signs of CDS because you are closest to him. If you notice changes in your older dog's habits, personality, or behavior, talk to your pet's doctor. It is very easy to just accept the fact that your dog is getting old, but don't. Your pet may have CDS and there may be medical help to improve your dogs golden years.

What are the signs of CDS?
CDS is a syndrome, a collection of signs, and no two dogs have exactly the same signs. Some dogs are obviously affected and have many of the signs listed below. Some are marginally affected and may exhibit just a few of the following signs.

Look for some of these signs:

  • Disorientation: e.g. wanders aimlessly, gets lost in the yard or in the middle of the room, fails to recognize familiar people, or stares into space or at walls, gets stuck in corners or behind furniture
  • Interaction with the family members: e.g. seeks isolation, less responsive to petting, less enthusiastic at greeting you at the door, less tail wagging
  • Activity and sleep: e.g. sleeps more during the day, sleeps less at night, barks for no reason,
  • Housetraining: e.g. having accidents in the house . . . even in front of family members, does not ask to go outside

If you are suspicious of CDS, if you notice anything unusual about your pet's behavior or personality talk to your veterinarian and consider a senior health care work-up to completely evaluate your pet's health.

What is the treatment for CDS?
Anipryl® is the first and only drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the control of the clinical signs associated with canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Most dogs can be conveniently dosed with a single tablet once a day. For complete prescribing information and a buy one get one free coupon call 1-888-anipryl or visit Pfizer's website at


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